Dress Code

Girls: Black Leotard and Pink, Tan or Black Tights

Boys: Solid Colored T-shirt and Black Sweat Pants or Black Shorts

Hip Hop Classes: T-shirt and Sweat Pants


Ballet – Pink Ballet Shoes for girls, Black Ballet Shoes for boys

Jazz/Lyrical – Tan Jazz Booty

Arco – Barefoot or Tan Jazz Booty

Tap – Black Tap Shoes

Hip-Hop – Sneakers


Hair must be pulled back neatly off the face in a ponytail or bun.

No Jewelry may be worn in Dance Class

Dress- Up Day:

The first class of each month is Dress up Day. Students are allowed to wear any leotard/ tights combination they wish. The above listed dress code will be enforced on all other class days of the month.