PICTURE DAY 2015 – Tues. June 2nd @ AIM Dance Studio

AIM Picture Day is Tuesday, June 2nd at Artists in Motion Dance Studio.

Please refer to the attached schedule for specific times for your child’s class pictures and individual portraits to be taken.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thank you.

Miss Alana & Miss Sonia
Artists in Motion

“Creating a Legacy”




5:00 Wed Jazz/Acro

Monday Hip Hop 2/3

5:15 Sr Jazz

Teen jazz

5:30 Mini Ballet

Jr Ballet

5:45 TEAM

Weds/Sat Combo 3-6 Ari

6:00 Teen Lyrical

Sr Lyrical

6:15 Courtney’s Sm grp

Thurs Adv combo

6:30 Thurs HipHop ½

Bria sm grp

Sat Combo 3-5

6:45 TS HH

Mini Jazz

7:00 Jr Jazz

Sat Ballet ½

7:15 Friday Ballet ½

Monday Ballet 2/3

Jess Sm grp

7:30 Weds HipHop ½

Sonia Slow me down

Monday Acro

7:45 Sonia Med Grp HH

MJ Tap

8:00 Sonia Sm GrpMoney

Jr Lyrical

Thursday Jazz/Lyrical 3

8:15 Musical Theater

Monday Boys Class

8:30 Sonia gravel

Sonia Little Guy HH

Alana Sm grp

8:45 Jr HH

Teen Sr Line

8:45- 9:00 Any Solos/Duo/Trios who want a picture