Reminder: AIM Dress Rehearsals Are Today, Tuesday May 30th at Montgomery High School.

AIM Dress Rehearsal is Tuesday, May 30th at Montgomery High School – 1016 Co Rd 601, Skillman, NJ 08558

Please arrive 30 minutes before your 1st scheduled time slot. All team dancers should wear a black leotard (w/shorts if you wish), tan tights and have their hair pulled back into a low pony. Remember to bring all your dance shoes.

* Any team dance that has not yet competed or any team member who takes a recreational class must bring those costumes/shoes (Ballet 3 & 4, Tap 3/4 & 4/5, Acro etc.)

Doors open at 5pm.

Dress Rehearsal Schedule as follows:

Miss Michelle’s Sm Grp
Miss Sonia’s Fall For You
Stephanie’s Solos
Monday Ballet 1/2 – Miss Melanie

Monday Tap 3/4 – Miss Melanie
Monday Tap 4/5 – Miss Melanie
Weds/Fri Acro Class – Miss Gabby
Weds/Thurs Combo Class – Miss Gabby

Musical Theater
Boys Dance
Monday HH 2/3

Miss Sonia’s HH Sm Grp (little)
Monday Ballet 3
Monday Ballet 4
Thursday 5:15 Hip Hop/Acro – Miss Natalia
Miss Courtney’s Sm Grp

Weds Jazz/Acro Class – Miss Casey
Thursday Lyrical/Jazz with Miss Natalia
Friday Lyrical/Jazz 1/2 with Miss Stephanie
Saturday Ballet 1/2 with Miss Stephanie

Ballet 3X
Lyrical 3X
Lyrical 4X
Lyrical 5X
Miss Jess’s Sm Grp
4/5 Line

Jazz 3X
Hip Hop 3X
Jazz 4X
Hip Hop 4X
Jazz 5X
Hip Hop 5X

Miss Sonia’s Mu Th Grp
Miss Sonia’s One Reason
Miss Sonia’s HH Sm Grp (5X)