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Yearly Registration Fee– A one- time Yearly Registration Fee of $40 per family will be assessed and is due at initial registration.

Pricing Per Class-

  • 1 class per week- $130 per session
  • 2 classes per week- $248  per session
  • 3 classes per week- $354 per session
  • 4 classes per week- $448 per session
  • 5 or more classes- $530 per session  (unlimited)

Payment Options-

Payment In Full (Per Session)

Payments must be made by the Saturday of the last week of the prior session. However, if it is the 1st session that you are registering, then it must be paid upon initial registration. Students will not be able to start a new session, unless the new session is paid in full on or before  the payment due date .  Payment reminders will be emailed a few days prior to due the date.  Due dates are as listed above, and are not based on the receipt of a reminder invoice.  Reminder invoices are simply a courtesy.  A $25 late fee will be assessed if payment is not received within 5 days of the due date.

Enrollment in auto payment can be elected at registration.  Thereafter, we will automatically process credit card payments on above due dates.

Payment Schedule-

  • Session 1- September 14th (or 1st day of class)
  • Session 2-  October 18th
  • Session 3-  November 29th
  • Session 4-  January 24th
  • Session 5-  March 7th
  • Session 6- April 18th

Payment In Full (Entire School Year)-

Upon initial registration, if you pay for all SIX (6) sessions in full, you will receive a 10% discount.  This discount only applies to those students enrolled in ALL SIX  Sessions. PAYMENT IN FULL MUST BE MADE BY THE END OF THE FIRST WEEK OF SESSION ONE.

Sibling Discount-

A 10% discount will be given towards the tuition of the 2nd child enrolled, and a 20% discount will be given towards the tuition of the 3rd child enrolled.  All additional children will also receive a 20% discount towards their tuition.

Recital Costumes-

Recital Costumes will be ordered for every child registered, unless we are notified in writing that your dancer will not be participating by December 5, 2015.  Recital costume payments will be due by Friday January 22nd.

All Combo classes- $85 per costume per class

All other classes- $92 per costume per class


We do not issue refunds for classes missed.  Classes can be made up in another class similar to the class that your dancer is enrolled.